55 Cheap anniversary ideas 2024 (Your spouse will love #7)

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If you’re looking for cheap anniversary ideas that won’t break the bank, you’re in luck! We understand that a tight budget sometimes makes planning a memorable anniversary celebration difficult. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some great ideas that are not only cheap but also fun, romantic, and interesting.

In this post, we’ll share many inexpensive anniversary ideas to help you make the most of your special day without overspending. However, it’s important to note that “cheap” can mean different things to different people. What may be considered cheap to one person may be expensive to another, depending on their financial situation and budget.

So, remember that while these ideas are budget-friendly, they still deliver a lot of value and are designed to help you create a memorable and enjoyable anniversary celebration.

All the ideas listed below are budget-friendly. Whether it’s your wedding anniversary, your first date anniversary, or any other special occasion, you don’t have to spend a lot to celebrate it!


Free or cheap things to do on your anniversary

Discover affordable and enjoyable anniversary date ideas that will make your special day memorable without emptying your wallet.

1. Try Camping or “Glamping” in your backyard

Celebrating your anniversary with camping can be enjoyable without leaving your home. Just step into your backyard for a cozy outdoor experience.

Pitch a tent in your garden and enjoy a cozy night under the stars. Spend quality time chatting, making s’mores, or watching a movie on your charged phone or laptop.

2. Go back to the place where you first met

Looking for a special anniversary idea for her?

Here’s a simple and romantic gesture she’ll adore!

Why not revisit the place where you both first met? It could be a lovely anniversary outing if it’s nearby or just a short drive away. Take your spouse there as a surprise and reminisce about that special moment together. It’s a heartfelt idea that won’t break the bank.

3. Visit a nearby lake

Looking for free activities for your anniversary weekend? Consider visiting a nearby lake.

Lakes offer a serene and romantic atmosphere, perfect for spending quality time together. Pack some food, and enjoy a peaceful and relaxing date by the water.

4. Go to a stand-up comedy show

While tickets for renowned comedians may not come cheap, you can still enjoy hilarious stand-up acts by amateur comedians. Many bars and clubs host amateur comedy nights with affordable or no admission fees.

5. Watch a movie outside

Experience the thrill of watching a movie outdoors, adding an exciting twist to your usual sofa viewing. Recreate the classic drive-through experience for your anniversary celebration.

6. Attend an art festival

If you and your spouse enjoy art, consider attending an art festival together. It’s a great opportunity to explore new artwork, engage in interesting conversations, and have a fun date.

7. Take a Ferry Ride

Celebrate your anniversary with a ferry ride. It’s affordable and adds a touch of adventure to your special day. Enjoy the scenic views, especially on a sunny day, for a memorable date experience.

8. Paint or draw each other

Drawing your spouse can be a hilarious experience, especially if you’re not exactly a Picasso with a pencil. Even if you’re no artist, don’t hesitate to grab a pencil and give it a try, you’ll definitely share some laughs!

9. Take a self-guided restaurant tour of your city

While not the cheapest option, dining out can be affordable compared to other anniversary activities. Search online for popular restaurants in your city and visit a few for appetizers or at smaller venues. It’s a great way to sample new foods, explore different eateries, and have plenty to chat about and enjoy together on your anniversary.

10. Make a playlist of throw-back songs

This is among the top inexpensive anniversary ideas for celebrating at home. Create a playlist featuring songs from when you first started dating or that hold special memories for both of you. Play it during a cozy anniversary dinner at home and reminisce about those moments together.

11. Visit a street fair or food festival together

Street fairs are vibrant celebrations of local foods and cultures. These events offer numerous activities for couples to enjoy together, along with opportunities to sample a variety of foods and beverages. Food and wine festivals are especially enjoyable for couples celebrating their anniversary.

12. Take a trip to the zoo

Visiting the zoo can be a fun and unique idea for a date. You can chat while observing the animals and simply enjoy each other’s company. It’s a unique choice if you’re seeking something different for a date.

13. Make a pizza at home

Creating homemade pizza is a bit more challenging than ordering takeout, but the results are far tastier. Take a trip to the store together and craft a gourmet pizza at home. Experiment with various toppings and flavors to suit your preferences. Once it’s baked, savor your creation with a romantic candlelit dinner for two.

14. Binge-watch your favorite TV show or movie series (or a new one)

Watching a new show together is a fun way to connect. You can predict plot twists and discuss your preferred and least preferred characters.

Alternatively, you can re-watch a favorite TV series or movie. Spend the day or evening binge-watching together.

15. Make a time capsule

Creating a time capsule is a romantic way to celebrate your anniversary. You can fill it with meaningful items and open it together on a future anniversary, reminiscing about your shared memories.

16. Enjoy a drink around a bonfire in the backyard

One enjoyable activity I cherish is relaxing in the backyard, enjoying drinks and conversation. It’s a cozy and charming option for an anniversary date. If you have a safe spot away from trees and knowledge of fire safety, you could even consider creating your own bonfire to enhance the experience.

17. Make Dinner Together

Cooking together can be a fun and memorable date night or anniversary idea.

Consider cooking together on your anniversary if it’s not something you usually do. Grab a few drinks, enjoy the process even if you’re not seasoned chef, and savor a delicious meal together afterward.

18. Have an indoor picnic

If the weather turns sour on your anniversary, don’t worry! If it’s too cold for a picnic outside, you can still have a cozy indoor picnic. Just lay a blanket on the floor and enjoy your celebration indoors.

19. Visit places that are significant in your relationship

Celebrate your anniversary in a romantic and meaningful way by revisiting places with special memories. Whether it’s where you had your first date, got married, or shared your first kiss, these locations can make your celebration extra special. Best of all, it won’t cost you a thing.

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20. Learn to dance

Celebrate your anniversary by taking a dance class together. Lots of dance studios offer beginner lessons for couples. Consider booking a private session for just the two of you. Dancing together can be romantic and amusing, especially if your dance skills are lacking.

21. Do a photo-booth crawl

Celebrate your anniversary by touring photo booths at various spots like bars, restaurants, and malls. Collect memories captured in photos to cherish for years. Spend an afternoon or evening visiting as many booths as you can. Afterward, compile the photos into a scrapbook for a lasting memento of your special day.

22. Visit the arcade

Arcades aren’t just for kids; they’re a blast for adults too! Playing games together is a fun way to bond and have a good time. Spend the day or evening at the arcade and enjoy yourselves with plenty of laughs.

23. Go on a Groupon date

Discover discounted activities, restaurants, events, and more in your area with Groupon. Take advantage of great deals to find affordable options for your anniversary celebration.

24. Gaze at the stars

Looking for a romantic anniversary idea? Try stargazing under the night sky.

It’s serene and prompts deep conversations while marveling at the universe. Bring a cozy blanket, pour some wine, and settle under the stars. A handy app, SkyView, can help you identify stars.

Simply download SkyView and point your phone to the sky. It’ll label stars, constellations, satellites, and more. It’s a lovely way to celebrate your special day together.

You can get the SkyView app from these links:

  • For iOS devices, download SkyView here.
  • For Android devices, download SkyView here.

25. Take a ride on a Ferris wheel together

Romantically celebrate your anniversary by going on a Ferris wheel ride. Enjoy the view and cherish each other’s company.

26. Have a night of playing video games

Are you looking for affordable anniversary ideas for him (or her, as women are increasingly into video games)? Give this a shot!

From Borderlands to Gears of War, numerous co-op games offer hours of fun. Playing through campaign modes together can be a fantastic bonding activity. You’ll team up, tackle missions, and conquer foes side by side, all from the comfort of your couch.

27. Visit a drive-in movie theater

Drive-in movie theaters hold a special romantic appeal. Couples can enjoy a cozy movie night by heading to the nearest drive-in theater and snuggling up together while watching a movie.

You can bring snacks and drinks for added enjoyment while watching the movie. For a unique and affordable anniversary outing, consider a trip to the drive-in movie theater instead of the typical dinner-and-movie date.

28. Play board games

Board games are enjoyable and bring out our competitive spirit. Playing board games is a great idea if you’re celebrating your anniversary with family. Add some snacks and drinks, and you’re in for a fun night!

29. Tour a winery or brewery

Many breweries and wineries offer free tours, making them ideal for an anniversary date. Some places even offer free samples of their beverages. Check for nearby breweries or wineries that provide complimentary tours.

30. Go on a sunset hike

Hiking together on your special day is a great way to enjoy each other’s company and nature. Sunset hikes are especially romantic, offering a perfect backdrop for anniversaries. Take a stroll close to the sunset and cherish the romantic and breathtaking sunset view together.

31. Create your own wine tasting

Host a wine tasting at home for your special anniversary celebration! No need to venture out when you can enjoy quality wines right in your own space. Search online for top-rated wines or visit a local wine store to seek recommendations.

Gather your chosen wines and plan a delightful wine-tasting evening for your anniversary. Enjoy a cozy evening sampling fine wines with your spouse and creating cherished memories together.

32. Visit the beach together

Spend quality time together by visiting the beach. Enjoy the soothing waves and ocean sounds while chatting and relaxing. It’s a perfect anniversary date idea for connecting and unwinding in each other’s company.

33. Explore a nearby city

Pick a nearby city you haven’t explored much or visited before and dive in! Take the time to wander through local galleries, check out shops, and enjoy a meal and drinks together.

34. Have a “Dream” date

Have a meaningful conversation about your life aspirations together. Share your goals, hopes, and dreams, whether traveling, writing a book, relocating, or pursuing a new career. Make a list of your goals and discuss them. This can be a great way to bond and assist in planning your future as a team.

35. Go to a jazz club

Visiting a jazz club for some music can be enjoyable if you’re a jazz enthusiast. It provides an evening of entertainment, drinks, and enjoyment!

36. Reminisce over old photos

Looking at old photos is a fun activity for me. It’s amusing to see how much you’ve changed over the years, especially if you’ve been married for a while. It’s a lovely way to reminisce about your relationship and shared experiences. Take out your old photo albums or scroll through pictures on your phone or computer to cherish those memories together.

37. Go out for a meal at a local restaurant (get money back with Seated!)

Dining out at a restaurant is a traditional anniversary celebration, but it can be pricey. Fortunately, there’s a solution: Seated.

Seated is a handy app that offers cashback rewards when you eat out. Simply download the app, book your reservation, dine out as usual, and receive cashback.

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38. Go to a free outdoor concert

Many cities offer free outdoor concerts, which are great for celebrating an anniversary. To find concerts nearby, search “free outdoor concerts near me” on Google.

Alternatively, you can visit your state’s tourism website for information on free outdoor concerts in your area. These events feature a variety of music genres, from blues to classical, offering a delightful option for your anniversary celebration.

39. Plant flowers together and watch them bloom

Celebrating an anniversary by planting flowers together in the garden and watching these flowers bloom throughout the year offers a romantic alternative to the usual dinner-and-movie routine.

40. Go to a gig with a band you both love

Attend a concert featuring a band you both enjoy if they’re performing nearby. Get tickets and have a great time listening to your favorite music together.

41. Attend a sports game together

Going to a sports game together is enjoyable. The atmosphere is vibrant, ensuring a good time. If major league games are pricey or far, local minor league games offer just as much fun. Consider catching games scheduled during your anniversary and attend a game together.

42. Visit a farmer’s market

Consider celebrating your anniversary by visiting a farmer’s market. You can explore fresh fruits, veggies, and other goodies to cook together later. Some markets even offer entertainment. It’s a relaxed and enjoyable way to spend your special day.

43. Go ice skating

Ice skating makes for a delightful and affordable anniversary date idea. Enjoy laughter as you both attempt to keep your balance on the ice, even if you fall! Holding hands while skating adds a romantic touch to this enjoyable outing.

44. Attend a trivia night at a local bar

Consider attending a trivia night at a nearby bar. It’s perfect for competitive couples who can team up, have fun, and celebrate together if they win.

45. Visit the driving range

Golf can be enjoyable, especially when you’re driving! Going to the driving range can be great for a fun date. You don’t need to be an expert golfer to have a good time trying to hit the ball.

46. Try go-cart racing

Try go-cart racing for a thrilling and enjoyable experience. It’s a refreshing alternative to the usual dinner and drinks date. Plus, it’s both entertaining and competitive!

47. Cuddle by the fire

Cuddling by the fire is a cozy and romantic evening idea. You can share drinks, chat, and unwind together for your anniversary. If you don’t have a fireplace, you can find fireplace displays on certain channels, like the one on Netflix. Just grab a blanket and enjoy the warmth.

48. Go out for breakfast

Opting for a breakfast date is a wallet-friendly alternative to pricey dinners. It leaves the rest of the day open for shared activities, like cooking dinner together and turning your anniversary into a full-day celebration.

49. Go bowling

Bowling is an excellent, budget-friendly option for an anniversary celebration. It’s enjoyable, allows for conversation, and adds a competitive element to make your date more exciting.

50. Just show your spouse how much you appreciate them

Expressing appreciation for your spouse through a handwritten note or a heartfelt video message can make for a perfect anniversary celebration.

51. Make a playlist of your favorite songs

Creating digital playlists is akin to crafting modern-day mix tapes, reminiscent of the iconic symbol of love from the 80s.

52. Stroll through the cemetery

Walking among headstones can evoke a sense of connection with the past. We gain valuable insights by imagining the stories of those who have passed away. In the quietude of the cemetery, gratitude for life and each other often flourishes.

53. Prepare a “blind” Would-You-Rather game

You’ve probably noticed this trend on social media. Come up with activities to do together and present two options at a time for your partner to choose from. It’s entertaining to film them making blind choices while the camera captures the options.

54. Do a craft together

Browse the craft store aisles together and pick a project to work on as a team.

55. Read a book together

Select a classic book or a new release that interests both of you. Alternate reading chapters together.

The bottom line

Celebrate your anniversary without breaking the bank! Whether you’re after fun or romance, these budget-friendly ideas have got you covered.