17 Banks that accept third-party checks in 2024 (fees, etc)


Several major banks in the United States allow account holders to deposit and cash third-party checks. However, some banks extend this service to non-customers but often with conditions. For non-account holders, there might be extra charges involved. The regulations regarding cashing third-party checks can vary among banks. To complete the transaction, you must present a …

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Costco Optical Insurance acceptance (2024 full guide)


Costco Optical centers welcome various vision insurance plans, such as Davis Vision, MESVision, and Spectera, from major national providers. It’s important to note that while Costco Optical accepts these insurance plans, the optometrists working there are independent professionals. They aren’t directly employed by Costco, which means they might not always accept insurance for their eye …

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Banks can notarize your documents for free in 2024


When you need to get a document notarized, you can often do so for free at your nearby bank branch. Notarization involves a third-party, usually a notary public, who verifies your identity, witnesses your signing of the document, and sometimes asks you to confirm that the information in the document is truthful. This process applies …

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Chase Bank notary services & alternatives (2024)


When you have important documents that require someone to officially witness their signing—documents like property deeds, car ownership transfers, medical directives, or wills—a notary public is the person you’re looking for. They’re authorized to verify and certify these signatures, ensuring the documents’ authenticity and legality. This verification adds an extra layer of assurance and credibility …

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Bank of America Notary Service 2024: locations, fees


Bank of America offers notary services, but they’re limited to specific locations. These services are exclusively for Bank of America customers and are provided by appointment only. It’s important to note that this service is offered for free in locations where it’s available. How notarization works Notarization is a straightforward process where you show a …

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11 Gas stations that do money orders near me (fees, limits)


While certain gas stations offer the service of selling money orders, it’s important to note that gas stations, in general, do not usually provide the service of cashing money orders. To assist you in finding gas stations that offer money orders, we have compiled a list below. We’ve reached out to various locations throughout the …

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How does Home Depot’s 11% rebate match work? (2024)


Home Depot’s 11% rebate program is a money-saving opportunity on various items. But do they match the rebate with other stores? Here are the essential details about Home Depot’s rebate offers. Home Depot’s 11% rebate policy Home Depot’s 11% rebate policy is a periodic offer available at certain store locations. When this promotion is active, …

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How to activate & register a Home Depot gift card

activate home depot gift card

When you get a Home Depot gift card, you need to activate it before you can use it. There isn’t a way to officially protect the money on it by registering it, but there are ways to keep it safe. You can buy Home Depot gift cards online or pick ones where the PIN (a …

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