36 Places that hire at 15, 14 & 16 years old


Looking for places that hire 15 years old? You are on the right page. If you’re either 14 or 15 years old and eager to find work, some companies are open to hiring individuals within your age group. These companies offer job opportunities tailored specifically for 14 and 15-year-olds. However, it’s important to note that …

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14 places to weigh yourself for free


There are various situations where weighing yourself becomes necessary, such as determining eligibility for blood donation based on weight. However, purchasing a personal scale might not always be feasible for everyone. If you’re seeking a free option to weigh yourself, several businesses provide this service, and you can probably find nearby locations that offer it. …

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Is Speedway top tier gas? We investigate


Speedway operates as part of Marathon Oil Corporation, which holds a prestigious TOP TIER license as a fuel retailer. Despite this affiliation, Speedway gas stations are not reported as providers of TOP TIER gasoline, a designation known for its higher detergent standards that help improve engine performance and cleanliness. However, Speedway claims that its gasoline …

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15 places to break a $100 bill


Looking for where to exchange large bills for small? You are on the right page. When you have a $100 bill and need smaller denominations like twenties, tens, fives, or singles, there are several options available. Some smaller retailers might not accept larger bills, but you can easily exchange your $100 bill at various places: …

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Staples fax cost & fax services explained for sending & receiving


You can send and receive faxes at Staples. If you’re sending a fax within the local area using one of Staples’ self-service fax machines, it typically costs around $1.79 per page. Additionally, for receiving a fax at Staples, the approximate cost is about $1 per page. However, sending faxes over long distances or internationally will …

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Does Valvoline do state inspections? Answered


Valvoline offers vehicle inspections at certain service locations, but not at all of them. These inspections usually take between 30 minutes to an hour to complete. You usually don’t need an appointment for this service. On average, the cost for the inspection is around $25. What are state inspections? State inspections refer to mandatory evaluations …

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24 Bakeries that accept EBT/SNAP near me (2024)


Although bakery-cafes like Panera Bread don’t accept EBT cards for baked goods, many other places do, including bakeries, bakery outlets, and bakery departments in grocery stores, as long as they are authorized SNAP retailers. Items such as bread, cookies, and cake are eligible for purchase with EBT cards at these authorized retailers. It’s important to …

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The Home Depot appliance return policy explained (2024)


If you buy a major appliance from The Home Depot and it’s not defective or damaged, you generally can’t return it. However, if the item is found to be defective or damaged upon delivery, you have 48 hours to contact Home Depot to report the issue. After this 48-hour window, you won’t be able to …

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CarMax 30 day return policy explained (2024)


CarMax offers a 30-day return policy allowing customers to return a purchased car and receive a full refund for any reason, provided that they have driven the vehicle for less than 1,500 miles during this period. This policy grants buyers the flexibility to reconsider their purchase within a reasonable timeframe. Beyond the 30-day window, CarMax …

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22 ATMs with free EBT transactions near me

ebt card

Having an Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) card grants you access to cash assistance benefits, distinct from food benefits provided by programs like SNAP. With an EBT card, you’re able to withdraw cash from ATMs. While some ATMs impose fees for EBT transactions, several banks and ATM networks offer fee-free EBT withdrawals. This ensures that recipients …

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